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June 7, 2017 - As usual, I have added a lot of new pictures recently, but I haven't updated this page.  So, let me try to fix that oversight...

Alton Towers, which sits in the middle of England, has hundreds of years of history, a 150-year-old castle, amazing gardens, and nine coasters!   It also is home to one of my favorite coasters, the fantastic Nemesis inverted coaster.  On the other side of the Pond, there are a bunch of new Cedar Point pictures, including Valravn and GateKeeper.  I haven't posted all of the new CP shots yet, but you can enjoy many of my new pictures from Sandusky. (The rest will be added soon.)  Also, I finally got to ride Desperado at Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino, so you can now see shots of the coaster in action.

On a personal note, there have been some changes in my career this spring.  After nearly a decade of flying the Airbus A-319, 320, and 321, I have switched to flying an Airbus A-330.  That digit change may not look like much, but it means leaving a narrow-body jet that never leaves North America.  I now fly a wide-body plane where every flight takes me to a new continent.  I am now looking for layovers in Europe or Asia where I can travel to amusement parks!

February 1, 2017 - Six Flags Magic Mountain has more roller coasters than any other amusement park, and I now have pictures of all 19 current coasters and four of the coasters that have been torn down.  Besides the many pictures, there is a tremendous amount of text that should give you a lot of information about roller coaster history, coaster design, and the many different types of coasters that give this Californian theme park the distinction being host to more coasters than any other park.

August 8, 2016 - Another summer, and my backlog of pictures keeps growing as I visit parks.  Last month, I returned to Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, so it was a lot of fun returning to these great parks so I could ride (and photograph) some amazing coasters.  And in order to keep adding parks, I also made my first visit to two parks in Ontario.  In the next three weeks, I am planning to ride coasters in Texas and Florida, so I'll be racking up a lot of miles and taking a bunch of pictures and videos.

In the mean time, some of the new Magic Mountain pictures have shown up in the gallery, and more will be posted in the next few days... including coverage of the fantastic Wicked Colossus, a ride that went from a rough, boring wood coaster to a wonderful, world-class steel coaster that races, goes upside-down, and provides some intense airtime.

May 27, 2016 - It's been a while since I added a new park, but I have been busy working on the Gallery.  Some of my activities have been fun, like my recent trip to Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Castle Amusement Park, and LegoLand California.  Other activities weren't as much fun... I've been working on redoing the HTML architecture of  I am not a computer expert, and the structure of my website really hasn't changed in the past 15 years.  However, I have been hard at work developing a new, responsive site, one that even scales and changes itself when viewed on a mobile device. (If you want a preview of the new design, and would like to give some feedback as I change the site, please join the Facebook page.

February 28, 2016 - There have been a few new parks added to the Gallery so far in 2016.   Kemah Boardwalk in Texas sits on Galveston Bay and is home to one wood coaster, the Boardwalk Bullet.

Another new park I recently added sits in the Texas Panhanle.   Wonderland Amusement Park is in Amarillo and is home to five roller coasters.  The most notable rides are the 1960 Cyclone Wild Mouse, a neat old steel coaster built by Miler, and the strange 1985 Texas Tornado, a looping steel coaster built by O.D. Hopkins.

I also had the chance to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas to see how Rocky Mountain Construction changed Rattler into Iron Rattler.  It is a fantastic improvement over the original!  And as a little added bonus, I got a ride on the first S&S Worldwide "Free Spin" coaster, Batman: The Ride.

December 4, 2015 - Today is the release of a new park and an update of new coasters at another park that I have visited since 2000. Austin's Park N Pizza, which is technically in Pflugerville, Texas, but is close to Austin, is a small Family Entertainment Center with a couple of outdoor rides and the Fiesta Express kiddie coaster.  I also added some new pictures from Six Flags New England.   The bad news is that Goliath was closed for a major part of this year, so I still haven't seen their Giant Inverted Boomerang run either in Agawam or at its previous Six Flags park, but at least I had to chance to take some pictures of Goliath.  The good news is that Wicked Cyclone was operating... and I loved it!   Rocky Mountain Construction did a wonderful job converting the wood Cyclone into the steel Wicked Cyclone, and I had a great time riding it.  In addition to the two new coasters, there are some updated shots of the other coasters, including a huge panorama of the fantastic ride that started as Superman - Ride of Steel, was converted to Bizarro for a few years, and is now switching to Superman the Ride in 2016.

November 3, 2015 - Since my last update, I have added three new parks and updated one other park.  Check out some of the new additions as I work hard to clear out my backlog...

Dreamland amusement park in Margate, England is the first of a dozen parks I will be adding from the United Kingdom.   Dreamland has been dormant and nearly vacant for almost a decade, but after a tremendous amout of work and money, it reopened this summer.   In addition to pictures of the coasters that opened in 2015, I also have some behind-the-scenes shots from the project that is rebuilding the historic 1920 Scenic Railway coaster.  It was damaged in a fire in 2008, but it finally reopened just a few days ago!  And while the redone version has some modern safety systems, it is one of just seven roller coasters that still require a brakeman to ride in the train!  And while you are visiting the Dreamland Margate pages, be sure to check out the POV coaster videos I shot on some of the coasters!

As I try to cover parks throughout the world, I am adding a few new parks in North America.  The
Galveston Island Historic Pier has a history that dates back to 1940, but it opened in its current form as an amusement park in 2012.  It is home to Iron Shark, a very compact Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster.  The ride literally sits on a pier out over the Gulf of Mexico.

There are a lot of roller coasters in Orlando, Florida, but there is only one wood coaster... and now I have pictures of it! Fun Spot America opened in 1997, but it got its first three coasters when it did a large expansion in 2013.   White Lightning was built by Great Coasters International, and it is a fantastic ride with Millennium Flyer trains providing tremendous amounts of airtime.

After a long absence, I finally got back to Dollywood this summer.  Since my last visit, they added FireChaser Express, Mystery Mine, Sideshow Spin, and Wild Eagle.  I love that mix of rides: A family coaster with forward and backward launches as well as an explosion of smoke and flames, a coaster that is partially an indoor dark ride and partially an outdoor looping thrill ride, a kiddie coaster, and a Wing Coaster.

I recently had the chance to ride the two major woodies that Rocky Mountain Construction changed into steel coasters, so check back in a few days for pictures of Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England and Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas!  Or join the Facebook page to see them even sooner!

August 24, 2015 - As the coaster season winds down, I look back and I am amazed at how many coasters I have ridden and photographed in the past two years.  I recently rode my 800th roller coaster!  My backlog is now over two dozen amusement parks from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Hungary.  I will try to add the pictures and videos as fast as I can, but you can help me decide which ones get posted first.  Go to the Facebook Page and vote to see which park is released first!

Let me clean up a little of my backlog by adding three new American amusement parks to the home page today: Martin's Fantasy Island in New York, Palace Playland in Maine, and the historic Seabreeze in New York.

If you look carefully at the list of parks on the home page, you will see what parks I will be adding in the next few weeks... but those are just the tip of the iceberg.  This list will expand greatly in the next few months!

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