Elitch Gardens
Denver, Colorado

     The original Elitch Gardens park opened way back in 1890, but it closed its gates permanently in October 1994.  In 1995, the park opened in a new location on a small plot of land close to downtown Denver.  Unfortunately, many great rides and attractions were abandoned at the old park.  Even worse, several wonderful coasters were left at the old location.  Coaster fans everywhere were saddened when the old coasters were demolished.  

    Six Flags purchased the park for $65 million in 1996 and renamed it Six Flags Elitch Gardens in 1999.  In 2007, Six Flags sold Elitch and six other parks for $312 million.  Its name reverted again to just Elitch Gardens for the 2007 season.  PARC Management currently leases the park from CNL Income Properties.  The park is small and surrounded by development, so further expansion is not expected.

Boomerang Vekoma Boomerang coaster  Elitch Gardens

Cactus Coaster
(formerly Wild Kitten, Great Chase, Tombstone Tumbler)
Click to enlarge Cactus Coaster  Click to enlarge Great Chase

Mind Eraser
Click to enlarge Mind Eraser  Mind Eraser at Elitch Pictures of Denver, Colorado Vekoma SLC Suspended Looping Coaster in Denver Six Flags Elitch Gardens Click to see inverted roller coaster Click for roller coaster pictures and news

Click to enlarge Sidewinder Click to see shuttle loop Click for Arrow Dynamics roller coaster Elitch Gardens pictures and news Click for pictures of a green roller coaster Click for roller coaster pictures and news

Twister II
Click for Twister Click for pictures of Twister II Click for pictures of a wooden roller coaster Click for Mister Twister Photography by Joel A. Rogers Roller coaster photography Elitch Gardens roller coaster

The Flying Coaster
Flying roller coaster Volare roller coaster SBNO roller coaster Elitch Gardens' flying roller coaster Click for Zamperla ride Elitch Gardens removed roller coaster Roller coaster moved to Coney Island Elitch Gardens roller coaster Elitch Gardens roller coaster

Click to enlarge  Halfpipe at Elitch Gardens  Click to see the Halfpipe  Intamin Half Pipe  Click to see a spinning coaster

Aerial Views
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