Nagashima Spaland
City of Nagashima in Mie, Japan

     This park started in 1964.  Located near Osaka, Japan, they have an extensive collection of world-class rides and coasters.  On-site hotels, a large waterpark, and other features combine to make this a great amusement resort.  Thanks to the new Meishin Expressway, visitors have even better access to the growing Nagashima Spaland.

Children Coaster
Children coaster at Nagashima Spaland  Pictures of the Children Coaster in Japan
Corkscrew at Nagashima, Japan  Corkscrew looping coaster
Jet Coaster
Jet Coaster  Jet Coaster in Japan
Looping Star
Looping Star roller coaster in Japan
Viking Fury
Viking Fury

Steel Dragon 2000
Steel Dragon 2000 Pics of the Steel Dragon 2000 roller coaster in Japan The world's tallest and fastest roller coaster Steel Dragon coaster at Nagashima Spaland Roller coaster pictures by Joel A. Rogers Click to enlarge Steel Dragon 2000 pics photography Click to enlarge

Shuttle Loop
Shuttle Loop coaster  Schwarzkopf shuttle loop roller coaster

Ultra Twister
Click to enlarge Ultra Twister pics  Ultra Twister at Nagashima Spaland  TOGO Ultra Twister  TOGO coaster  Click to enlarge  Click to enlarge

White Cyclone
Click to enlarge White Cyclone  White Cyclone pictures  Aerial view of a beautiful roller coaster  Wood coaster aerial  Looking down on Cyclone coaster  Click to enlarge

Wild Mouse
Click to enlarge  Wild Mouse roller coaster

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