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Who are Joel and Jeff?
How many coasters have you been on?
What is your favorite coaster?
Can I use your pictures on my website?
Can I use your pictures commercially?
When will you get pictures of (fill in the blank) roller coaster?
What is the best way to view your pictures?
Are you available for interviews?
What is your Privacy Policy?
How do you take on-ride photos?

JAR Productions is a joint venture between Joel A. Rogers and Jeff A. Rogers

Who are Joel and Jeff?   (top)
Joel Rogers at the White House Joel, shown wearing a Cedar Point shirt during a visit to the White House, started flying at age 16.  He presently is flying Airbus A-330s for the world's largest airline.  His earlier assignments were to the A-319, A-320, A-321, DC-9 and Boeing 727.  Previously Joel served as Chief Pilot for Aspen Flying Club near Denver, Colorado, as Chief Flight Instructor of three large flight training schools in Minnesota, as Assistant Professor in the Aviation Department of Minnesota State University, and as a teacher of Aviation Management classes for Metropolitan State University.

Mr. Rogers is active in amateur radio, is a trained storm spotter, and served several years as Assistant Coordinator for Skywarn Operations for the National Weather Service Twin Cities office in Minnesota.  Amateur Radio operators call him KC0NHX, his FCC "ham" callsign. 

Joel's hobbies include playing carillons, sailing, and driving his Tesla Model S and Model X.  He is an expert in the early history of the U.S. Space Program and has an extensive collection of historical NASA items.  He also enjoys introducing his two young daughters to roller coasters!


The first roller coaster ride of Jeff Rogers Joel's brother Jeff, shown here in the front seat while having his first coaster ride at age 3, resides in Florida with his coaster-loving wife and young sons.  He is a professional musician, specializing in classical guitar.  He previously was on the faculty at Southeastern Louisiana University.  He earned his Bachelor of Music degree in 2003 and Masters of Music in Guitar Performance in 2004 from the Peabody Conservatory of Music.  He has played as a soloist and in ensembles in many venues.

Jeff's non-music hobbies include watching the Simpsons, juggling, and running a large coral reef aquarium.

Joel started this site as "Joel's Roller Coaster Gallery" in 1999.  In 2000, Jeff and Joel teamed up to create  Their goal is to document all permanently installed roller coasters they can find.  Joel does most of the operation of the site, but Jeff contributes some pictures. Although they live thousands of miles apart, their lives involve lots of travel which means lots of coasters!

How many coasters have you been on?(top)
The Rogers brothers are very competitive... They are always trying to ride as many coasters as possible.  

Joel Life List:    I have been on over 900 coasters.  That may seem like a big number, but I am being very conservative on how I add up my Life List.  If a coaster is relocated and I ride it again, I don't count it a second time.  If a ride is dueling or racing, I still count it a just one ride.
Jeff Life List:    I just rode my 400th coaster.

What's your favorite coaster?   (top)
We enjoy nearly every coaster. But here are some of our favorites (in no particular order)
Joel's favorite steel coasters:

Joel's favorite wood coasters:

Jeff's favorite steel coasters:

Jeff's favorite wood coasters:


Can I use your pictures on my website?  (top)
Image Use Policy:
My pictures are great for desk-top wallpaper or screen savers.  Go right ahead!  You can print out my pictures for your personal viewing pleasure.

If you have a high-quality, non-commercial website and would like to use some of my photography, you can request the use of a limited number of my pictures.  First, you must request my permission and send me your website's address for inspection.  If I grant permission, you can not crop, resize, or otherwise alter the photos. You cannot remove my copyright notice from them.  You cannot link directly to my server, but must save the pictures elsewhere.  I also require that you put a link to next to every one of my pictures.  Permission can be revoked at any time.

I take Copyright infringement very seriously. In the past I have taken legal action against offenders, and I will continue do so in the future.

Can I use your pictures commercially?  (top)
My coaster pictures have been used on book covers, shown in museums, and displayed in calendars and magazines.  We have thousands of dramatic stock images available for you to choose from.  If you would like a specific picture for these or other uses, please contact for information.  Prices are very reasonable and vary depending on size, usage, and number of pictures.  If you are interested in purchasing a license to use my photographs commercially, I can provide you with negatives, high resolution image files, and more.  The images shown in are just a fraction of the original size, so you can expect a large, quality image!

I do not have Model Releases from most riders, so if faces are recognizable in the picture, I might not be able to sell the picture. Obtaining a Property Release may required before commercial use of my pictures, but will most likely not be required for editorial use.

All commercial use of my photographs is strictly forbidden without my prior written permission.  Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:  using these photos on any commercial website, selling reproductions of these photos in any form or using these photos in any book, magazine, newsletter, calendar, advertisement, or brochure.

When will you get pictures of (fill in the blank) roller coaster?  (top)
Please give me some time.  I am always adding pictures to the site, and I have more amusement park visits planned.  My goal is to document every roller coaster I find!  I just need a little more time to travel to more places!  To keep updated, feel free to join the Facebook's Pages.
What is the best way to view your pictures?  (top)
Older pictures are sized for 800X600 resolution, but most of the more recent ones are 1024X768 or larger.  Use the highest amount of colors your computer will display.  Make sure that you don't show these pictures as compressed images.  AOL users especially need to turn off "Compressed Images."  (Don't worry, pictures are compressed to a fairly small file size anyway. )
Are you available for interviews?  (top)
The operators of are happy to grant interviews for members of the press.  Jeff and Joel are very knowledgeable about coasters and amusement parks, and they would love to share their enthusiasm with others.  Both have been on TV on many occasions, although not always talking about coasters.  Since they travel so often, even face to face interviews are possible, especially if conducted at an amusement park!  Email for details.
What is your Privacy Policy?  (top)
For information, see Privacy Policy.
How do you take on-ride photos?  (top)
Many parks prohibit cameras on their coasters. obtains prior permission for a good deal of its photography.  Some on-ride pictures were taken at special events.  As an example of the work involved, one park required that I use duct tape and surgical gloves to attach my camera to my hands.  So please, do not try to take on-ride pictures yourself without proper preparation and permission. Home

Any questions you want answered?  Here is your chance!
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