Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, California

    This amusement park opened in 1968 as Marine World in Redwood City, California.  Its name later became Marine World Africa USA.  In 1986, the park moved to its current location in Vallejo, California.  In 1996, the park was purchased by Premier Parks, Incorporated.  Two years later, the park received 14 new rides as it was transformed from simply a place to see animal exhibits and shows into a park complete with thrill rides.  For most of 1998, the park was The New Marine World Theme Park, but it was branded with the Six Flags Marine World name in November 1998.  Its name changed to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2007.

Two coasters have left this park:

Click to enlarge Cobra picture Cobra pictures
Boomerang Coast to Coaster
Click to enlarge Boomerang Coast to Coaster Boomerang Coaster

Click to enlarge Kong Click to enlarge Vekoma SLC picture Vekoma roller coaster Kong Coaster

Click to enlarge pictures of Roar Click to enlarge Marine World image Click to enlarge Six Flags picture Click to enlarge image of roller coaster Roar by GCI Roar roller coaster California coasters Six Flags Pics Six Flags News

Click to enlarge Medusa Click to enlarge floorless coaster picture Medusa pictures Floorless roller coaster Bollinger and Mabillard Funny roller coaster pictures Scary roller coaster pictures Click to enlarge Six Flags Marine World Six Flags Click to enlarge

Roadrunner Express
Click to enlarge family coaster picture Click to enlarge Roadrunner Express

Pandemonium (formerly Tony Hawk's Big Spin)
Click to enlarge Tony Hawk's Big Spin Click to enlarge Tony Hawk pictures Tony Hawk's Big Spin Skateboarding roller coaster Tony Hawk

Vertical Velocity
Click to enlarge Vertical Velocity Vertical Velocity roller coaster V2 coaster Launched roller coaster at Six Flags Pictures of Vertical Velocity Intamin Shuttle Coaster Click to enlarge Modified roller coaster Zoning laws prohibiting a new roller coaster Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

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