Batwing has a slow and cumbersome loading and unloading process.  With each seat requiring two different harnesses, there are 48 harnesses to be put into position during each loading process.  Sensors are used to check that each harness is locked in place, and sometimes the harnesses need readjusting in order to satisfy the sensors' safety checks.  After all of the harnesses are secured, each row is gradually lowered into position.  Two large pins are then automatically inserted into each row in order to lock the seats down.  Again, position sensors are used to check that the rows are locked in place.  Only after the multitude of sensors determine that everything is in place can the trains leave the station.

Batwing does feature side-by-side tracks in the station that allow both trains to be loaded and/or unloaded simultaneously, but the ride's hourly capacity is still very low.  Adding insult to injury, only one train was in use the weekend I took this picture.

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