It is a little hard to number how many inversions there are on this ride, but the general consensus is that there are five inversions.  The Vertical Loop, in which this train has reached its zenith, is an obvious inversion.  The two in-line twists at the end of the ride are plainly also inversions, but the other two inversions are more subtle.  Riders go up the lift hill facing skyward, but they are soon flipped into the flying, or face down, position for the first drop and the big Horseshoe Turn.  This "Lie to Fly" maneuver is a half roll.  Before the Vertical Loop, trains flip again from face down to face up.  This "Fly to Lie" half roll completes the ride's first inversion.   There is another "Lie to Fly" after the Vertical Loop, and another "Fly to Lie" as the train enters the brake run at the end of the ride.  If you count these four half rolls as two inversions, Batwing has five inversions.

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