Story Land

Glen, New Hampshire

    Bob and Ruth Morrell opened Story Land in 1954.  Situated on the southern foothills of Mt. Washington, and almost completely surrounded by the Merriman State Forest, Crawford Notch State Park, and the White Mountain National Forest, the park opened with just one ride, an old fire truck!  The park has expanded and now has two dozen rides and covers 35 acres.  Bob and Ruth passed the park down to their children, Stoney and Nancy.  Story Land was owned by the Morrell family until Stoney Morrell, Bob and Ruth's son, passed away and Nancy sold the park to the Kennywood Entertainment Company in 2007.  Kennywood was purchased by Parques Reunidos the next year.  Story Land, which is primarily full of children's rides, is presently operated by Palace Entertainment, the American division of Parques Reunidos, the organization that operates 40 theme parks, water parks, and family entertainment centers in the United States.

    Story Land's first coaster was the Iceberg Coaster, a small ride that operated from 1975 to 1986.   It used cars from Bradley & Kaye, but the track was designed and built by the park's employees.

Polar Coaster
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