Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.

Saco, Maine

    This amusement park traces its origins back to 1960 when Ken and Violet Cormier opened the Marvel Drive In drive-in restaurant.  Ken's brother-in-law, Andre Dallaire, opened a mini-golf course next it, and later added a Go-kart track and some other small rides.  Cormier and Dallaire joined forces in 1967 and started Funtown USA.  More rides were added to the park, including the state's first modern roller coaster which arrived in 1978.   Ken Cormier purchased Andre Dallaire's share of the park in 1978, but Dallaire went on to open Maine Play Amusements a couple of years later.  That small park later changed its name to Cascade Water and Amusement Park.  Cormier bought out the Cascade park in 1996, and combined the two parks into Funtown Splashtown USA.  Since then, the park has continued to add new rides, water attractions, and dining locations.

    Funtown's first coaster was the Galaxi, a small S.D.C. Zyklon model that operated from 1978 to 2008.

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Wild Mouse
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