Bay Beach Amusement Park

Green Bay, Wisconsin

    This amusement park got its start in the 1890s when Mitchell Nejedlo purchased the land in order to built cottages on it.  He later decided to just make it into Bay View Beach with a dance hall and bath house.  Captain John Cusick purchased the park in 1908 and started running a steamboat to the park.  The park's 11 acres, and all of its attractions, were donated to the city of Green Bay in 1920.  Its name changed from Bay View Beach to Bay Beach Amusement Park around the same time.

    46 acres of land was added to the park in 2006.   The park is part of the City of Green Bay Parks, Recreation and Forestry Park System, yet it is self-sufficient and no longer gets any funding from the city.  The Friends of Bay Beach 501 (c)(3) organization is currently raising money to update the park and add new rides and attractions.  The park still offers free parking and free admission!

Zippin Pippin
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