Djurs Sommerland

Nimtofte, Jylland, Denmark

    Located in the Danish countryside just a few kilometers from the Kattegat Bay separating the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, Djurs Sommerland has been expanding ever since it opened in 1981.  The park is divided up into the following sections: Pirateland, Sommerland, Mexicoland, Africaland, Cowboy and Indian Land, Liliput Land, and the Vanland water park.  In 2013, Juvelen opened, an Intamin launched coaster with seats shaped like ATVs.

Karlo's Taxi
click to enlarge Karlo's Taxi click to enlarge Djurs Sommerland pictures click to enlarge Wacky Worm picture Wacky Worm - Big Apple kiddie roller coaster click to enlarge family roller coaster Karlo's Taxi roller coaster in Europe click to enlarge pictures from Nimtofte, Jylland, Denmark Danish amusement park

click to enlarge Piraten picture Piraten roller coaster pictures click to enlarge Intamin roller coaster pictures Mega-Lite roller coaster Pirate roller coaster Piraten at Djurs Sommerland Theme park photography Forlystelsespark billeder Billeder af en rutschebane Billeder af Djurs Sommerland Forlystelsespark fotografering ved Sjove rutschebane billeder Kommerciel fotografering af forlystelsesparker Billeder af Danmark Roller coasters American Coaster Enthusiasts Roller coaster bygget af Intamin AG Scarry roller coaster Roller Coaster Tycoon

click to enlarge Skatteøen Skatteøen Coaster at Djurs Sommerland Skatteøen water coaster Water Coaster built by Mack rides Pictures of a water coaster Roller coaster photography Roller coaster tycoon pictures Roller coaster in Europe Mack Rides GmbH Getting wet on a water coaster At blive våd på en vand rutschebane Kom våd på en forlystelsespark tur skræmmende billeder

Thor's Hammer
click to enlarge Thor's Hammer Thor's Hammer roller coaster click to enlarge Djurs Sommerland Thor wielding his hammer and a guy in a Viking costume Roller coaster going over the water click to enlarge pictures Colorado River log flume ride click to enlarge Thor Canoe and paddle boats Thor's Hammer Mjölnir, the hammer that can level mountains according to Norse mythology click to enlarge a Bobsled Coaster Roller coaster going through a building Gerstlauer Rides Pictures of roller coasters Pictures of roller coasters Pictures of roller coasters Pictures of roller coasters Pictures of roller coasters Pictures of roller coasters Home
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