Clementon Amusement Park
Clementon, New Jersey

   In 1735, Andre Newman acquired 40 acres of land just east of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Newman dammed a creek to provide power to a gristmill, thus creating Clementon Lake.  When the trolley line reached the area in 1907, Theodore Gibbs purchased rides and placed them here at the new park situated on Clementon Lake.  The park continued to expand until the 1960s, but attendance declined and the park was about to close in 1976 when Abe Baker purchased and renovated the park.  The newly created Adrenaline Family Entertainment, Inc. company purchased the park in November 2007, but quickly shut down in 2011.  Clementon is presently owned by Premier Attractions Management, LLC.

   One coaster has left the park: Jack Rabbit, after sitting from 2003 to 2007, was finally demolished in December 2007.

Hell Cat (formerly Tsunami and J2)
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Jack Rabbit
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