Casino Pier
Seaside Heights, New Jersey

   Casino Pier and Water Works is situated on a pier that extends about 300 feet into the Atlantic Ocean.  It got its start in 1932 when Linus Gilbert purchased a small fishing pier.  He placed a 1910 carousel there which featured some figures dating back from the 1890s.  He soon built the Seaside Heights Casino around the carousel.  Gilbert sold the pier to John Fitsgerald and John Christopher in 1948.  The pier was severely damaged by fire on June 10, 1965, but rides were replaced and the pier was rebuilt.  After several owners, the pier was sold to the Storino family in 2002.  The park now has a few dozen rides and a unique miniature golf course located on the roofs of five concession stands.

   Hurricane Sandy battered the park in October 2012, but Casino Pier was rebuilt.  The new park is mostly on the land as opposed to the old park which was in a pier.  The next summer, a huge fire destroyed a major section of the New Jersey boardwalk on September 12, 2013, but Casino Pier narrowly escaped the blaze.

    Five coasters have left the pier:

Hot Tamale
Click to enlarge Hot Tamale Click to enlarge Kiddie Coaster Hot Tamale roller coaster

Pirate's Hideaway
Click to enlarge Casino Pier pictures Click to enlarge Pirate's Hideaway Pirate's Hideaway at Casino Pier

Star Jet
Click to enlarge Star Jet Click to enlarge Star Jet roller coaster Star Jet roller coaster Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Wild Mouse
Click to enlarge Wild Mouse Click to enlarge Wild Mouse coaster Wild Mouse Roller coaster pictures by Joel Rogers Home
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