Playland Amusement Park
Rye, New York

     The Westchester County Parks Commission purchased and razed Paradise Park and Rye Beach Park in 1927.  The new Playland Amusement Park opened just one year later.  The park's 280 acres included 7,900 feet of shoreline.  Five of the rides still operating today were built before 1930!  Operated by Marriott for two years in the 1980s, attendance dropped because the property was fenced in and an admission fee was charged.  In 1983, the park returned to ungated operation under management of the Parks Departments of the Westchester County Government.  At least eight coasters have left the park:

Crazy Mouse
Crazy Mouse at Rye Playland  Click to enlarge Rye Playland picture  Crazy Mouse roller coaster

Dragon Coaster
Dragon Coaster Historic roller coaster Playland amusement park Rye, New York Pictures of the old Dragon Coaster at Playland Historic roller coaster Click to enlarge Dragon Pictures

Family Flyer
Click to enlarge Family Flyer Family Flyer Zamperla kiddie coaster

Hurricane Hurricane coaster Click to enlarge Pictures of Hurricane roller coaster at Playland

Kiddy Coaster
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Kiddy Coaster Click to enlarge Kiddy Coaster pictures Click to enlarge Kiddy Coaster Click to enlarge

Super Flight
Click to enlarge Super Flight Super Flight roller coaster Flying roller coaster Zamperla Volare Crazy roller coaster

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