New Orleans City Park
New Orleans, Louisiana

    City Park's 1,500 acres were donated to the city of New Orleans in 1850.  The park is home to the world's largest collection of mature live oaks.  In the 1800s, the park was a favorite site for Creole gentlemen to conduct "affaires d'honneur" -- dueling, but dueling in the park was outlawed in 1890.  Rides came to the park in 1906 when a Looff and Carmel carousel debuted there.  In 1911, the Isaac Delgado Museum of Art (currently known as the New Orleans Museum of Art) opened in the park.  Many notable celebrities have performed at the park including Dorthy Lamour, Bob Hope, Roy Rogers, and the Beatles.  Presently, the park is home to Louisiana's oldest carousel, Storyland kiddie area, the New Orleans Botanical Garden, tennis courts, sculpture gardens, baseball fields, running tracks, and multiple golf courses.

    The park was severely damaged during Hurricane Katrina and the roller coaster was submerged.  However, the park has been repaired nearly every ride eventually reopened.

Live Oak Lady Bug
Live Oak Lady Bug  Zierer Tivoli roller coaster  New Orleans City Park  Click to enlarge

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