Wild Waves
Federal Way, Washington

    Enchanted Village, located not too far from Seattle, was started by Byron Betts in 1977.  Fifteen years later, Jeff and Leanne Stock purchased the park.  The park used to be only 12 acres in size, but it was later expanded to 70 acres.  The park was renamed Wild Waves and Enchanted Village in 1984.  In December 2000, Six Flags Incorporated bought the park for $19 million.  Six Flags sold this park and six others for $312 million in 2006.  Its name changed once again in 2007 to Wild Waves.

Timberhawk: Ride of Prey
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Wild Thing
Wild Thing roller coaster  Looping roller coaster Corkscrew coaster Arrow Dynamics What to do in Seatle, Washington

Klondike Gold Rusher
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