Holme-Olstrup, Sjælland, Denmark

About 100km from Copenhagen lies the 34-acre BonBon-Land, one of the strangest and wackiest amusement parks in the world.   The park's creation stems from Danish candy maker Michael Spangsberg who make funny candies with names like Mågeklatter, Store Babser, Tisse-bleer, Øre-voks, and Hundeprutter.   (Those names translate to Seagull Droppings, Big Boobs, Diapers, Ear Wax, and Dog Farts!)   After the candy became popular with kids, people started wanting tours of the candy factory, but this was not possible due to strict hygiene requirements.  Instead, Spangsberg opened a small theme park in 1992.  BonBon-Land has expanded a few times since then.  In 2007, the Spanish company Parques Reunidos, which owns over five dozen theme parks, purchased BonBon-Land.

Presently the park has over 60 attractions, water rides, a few playgrounds, and a large number of strange and unusual statues and lots of examples of humorous architecture.

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world famous Farting Dog coaster Hundepruttebanen, which translates to Dog Fart Course The Farting Dog Coaster Family roller coaster Hundeprutterutchebane rollercoaster at Lagoon Henry the farting dog Fart Noises on a coaster Force-One coasters built by Zierer Click to enlarge Hundeprutterutchebane roller coaster pictures

Hemmelige Verden (formerly Viktor Vandorm)
Regen which is Shrimp in English Sandbags on a roller coaster Viktor Vandorm at BonBon Land Tissemyrelegepladsen, the infamous Peeing Ant Playgound Viktor Vandorm translates to Victor The Water Worm Roller coaster going underwater  Flinker Fridolin at Germany's Panorama Park Outlandish decorations at BonBon-Land Zierer Roller Coaster in Europe 40-seat train on a roller coaster Roller Coaster Tycoon Bon Bon Land click to enlarge Viktor Vandorm Roller Coaster Holme-Olstrup, Sjælland, Denmark

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