Indiana Beach
Monticello, Indiana

     This family-owned "boardwalk park" is located on a pier in the middle of 1,400-acre Lake Shafer.  The park has been entertaining guests for nearly 80 years.  They currently have 27 adult rides, 9 rides for children, fun houses, shops, mini-golf, a water park, and, of course, a beach.   There are even public docks available if you want to drive your boat to the park!

     One coaster has left this park:  Little Dipper was a Herschell kiddie coaster that was here from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Cornball Express
Cornball Express Cornball Express roller coaster Custom Coasters International wooden coaster Click for full size picture

SDC Galaxi roller coaster Click for full size Indiana Beach pictures Galaxi roller coaster

Hoosier Hurricane
Click for full size Hoosier Hurricane picture  Click for full size picture Hoosier Hurricane pictures  Larry Bill and Mike Boodley - Custom Coasters International  Hoosier Hurricane  Coaster on a boardwalk by the water

Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain
Superstition Mountain aerial view Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain built by Custom Coasters International Double up and triple down Elevator lift Indoor/Outdoor coaster Mine train coaster cars Mountain coaster Crazy coaster Click for full size bear and mountain lion LoCoSuMo by CCI

Schwarzkopf Jet Star  Tigg'rr  Tigg'rr and Cornball Express coasters  Indiana Beach news and information  Monticello, Indiana

Steel Hawg
November 27, 2007 Press Release: Engines Primed & Ready for Steel Hawg Roller Coaster to Debut at Indiana Beach in 2008
I hope to get back to Indiana Beach this summer, so please check back soon!

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