Fuji-Q Highland
FujiYoshida-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

    This great park, previously known as Fujikyu Highland, has been open since 1961.  Located not too far from Tokyo, the site of this park pales in comparison to nearby Mt. Fuji, which stands 12,290 feet tall! The 124-acre park has 33 rides, 9 restaurants, 12 snack bars, 17 tennis courts, and 20 bowling alleys.

     Their latest roller coaster is Eejanaika, the world's second "4D" coaster.  (The first 4D coaster was X  at Six Flags Magic Mountain.)  Eejanaika is nearly 250 feet tall and 3,780 feet long.   Written in Japaneese, the coaster is called "ええじゃないか" which roughly translates to "Ain't It Great!"

    Three coasters have been removed from Fuji-Q: 

Hamu-Hamu Ouku
(formerly Birdmen)
Click to enlarge Hamu-Hamu pictures  Birdmen roller coaster
Dodonpa roller coaster  The world's fastest roller coaster - Dodonpa  Dodonpa pictures
Double Loop
Click to enlarge Double Loop  Double Loop coaster at Fujikyu Highland  Fuji-Q Pictures and news

Click to enlarge Fujiyama  Fujiyama roller coaster in Japan  Mt. Fuji  Fujiyama pictures  Amusement park photography
Mad Mouse
Mad Mouse pictures  Click to enlarge Mad Mouse
Rock 'N Roll Duncan
 Rock 'N Roll Duncan, looks like Thomas the Tank Engine 
Zola 7
 Zola 7 indoor roller coaster  Fuji-Q pictures and statistics

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