Superman the Ride

This "Hypercoaster" was built by Intamin AG in 2000.  I rode it that year and fell in love with it.  Even today, after riding over 800 different coasters, it remains one of my favorite roller coasters.  I am not alone in that judgement.   Amusement Today's "Golden Ticket Awards" listed it as the "Top Steel Roller Coaster" five out of the last fifteen years.  In the other ten years, it was ranked as the second most popular coaster.

For the fifteen years, Bizarro/Superman and Cedar Point's Millennium Force have held the top two spots in the "Golden Ticket Awards" ranking of Best Steel Coasters.  I find it hard to say which of these two coasters is my absolute favorite, but they are both at the top of my list of favorite steel roller coasters.

The World's Best Steel Roller Coaster

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